Nodos is an architecture & design studio. We create innovative, responsible and stimulating spaces with a wide range of objectives, from retail, offices and coworking areas, to urban and public spaces.

What are the real needs of our customers? How do both users and spaces interact? What's the real impact of the project for the environment?

Just imagine an office that invites you to innovate and cooperate, a shopping centre that makes you experiment and feel new emotions, or a public space that invites you to share and connect with others.

We suggest a bespoke architecture, reached through hybridation of new business models, through new ways of construction and, why not, of living.


We are a team of architects with education and experience in a wide range of fields like urbanism, sustainable architecture, interior design and project management.

Systemic-design, design-thinking and service-design are also for us strategic methodologies for innovation and, as key tools, they help us to focus on the users our daily architectural work.

This kind of knowledge makes us able to facilitate the design processes -whether the goal is a space, a service or even a brand-, working with customers, users and other professionals from the very beginning, in order to achieve responsible, emotive and accurate results.


We understand architecture as a way to solve customers' and users' spatial necessities, and we believe in its capacity to generate positive emotions and inspirating answers.

Architecture must give solutions involving a balanced investment of public or private resources, and accept itself only as a part that belongs to a more complex and bigger system, in order to be integrated with the environment avoiding to consume it excessively or to "tire it out".

Because designing architecture means telling a story, the story of a site, of a landscape, of a society. It's an unique opportunity to improve our environment and to recycle our spaces in a responsible way.

María Puente
María Puente
Architect & Designer
Santiago Bouzada
Santiago Bouzada
Architect & Ecoconsultant
Angel D. Berruezo
Ángel D. Berruezo
Architect & Project Manager


We believe in a new way of working in order to achieve the triple bottom line, a balance between economics, social and ecological aspects in all our projects. The following six features are the base for our approach and define our new architectural proposition:

a Common Welfare Architecture
-'Una Arquitectura del Bien Común'-


By regenerating spaces and unused urban fabrics with a more flexible, lean and resilient architecture, we achieve more with less, and we are able to evolve in parallel with businesses and users.

User Centered

Because the new design’s paradigm is focused in the user’s experience, providing new relationships and interactions, emotions and intense experiences for final customers based on their real needs.


Because architecture must be accessible, facilitating to every person the use of the resources; and inclusive, by doing it in a respectful and non-discriminatory way.


Because an architecture where every stakeholder is integrated, together with their relationships and objectives, makes us able to restore the balance between global and local, between public and private.


Because cooperation with customers and users in all the phases of the process concerning research, design and implementation, boosts the definition of their real needs and their sense of belonging to the final project.


Architecture must minimise its ecological footprint through the life cycle assessment, by the clever usage of existing resources, and by the utilization of efficient technologies.


Space Design

We provide a systemic vision that takes into account all the involved stakeholders, their relationships and their objectives. This vision is focused on a triple perspective: an economical, social and ecological one.

Our proposals are more flexible, more innovative and less destructive. With simple and easy interventions, our projects facilitate the development of both, persons and organizations, without restricting the possibilities of the spaces we work with.

A lean architecture to reach more with less, an architecture that uses the available resources for solving the necessary, sparing in the unnecessary and unproductive.

Service Design

We co-design innovative services by using design-thinking methodologies. So we can ensure synergies between the constructed spaces and the design, communication and even branding strategies.

By leading a multidisciplinary team of experts, we are able to work with users and customers in the definition of strategies that allow us to coordinate the different partial projects: architecture, interior design, branding and even communication.

Co-Design Workshops

We work in a collaborative way with customers and users in all the project’s design phases. From the first research to the final implementation, we can bring closer architecture to people, just as another design tool.

As a part of a continuous learning and development process, we organize and facilitate design and co-creation workshops in order to help people and organizations to define innovation strategies that are based on their roots. With this kind of workshops we can also define their real needs plus the necessities of the users and the environment.

We collaborate with:

Como Regaderas


Nodos usually adopts a facilitators’ role as part of the project’s design process. We believe that everybody is able to contribute in the creation of a new space with their ideas. We are convinced that those who know most about their business are those who created it, that those who know most about experiencing a space, are those using it.

To reach these goals we use an iterative working process in order to get closer to a solution where everybody is reflected.This method is based on visual Design-Thinking methodologies and organizational techniques learnt from the Project-Management tools.

This is the way how the process can guarantee a great result, avoiding to generate a process from a closed design. This is the way we understand architecture, the way we believe that projects can get closer to the real needs and to the desires of the people involved.



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